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Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb on Monday announced a “stay at home” order for Hoosiers as the state tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 during the coronavirus pandemic. The governor said Hoosiers should only go out for essential errands, work or business. While Terre Haute City offices are closed, Mayor Duke Bennett says City services will continue. You can read Mayor Bennett's letter here. So what does that mean for us? Here is a localized Q&A based upon the state's guidelines. WHY IS THERE A STAY-AT-HOME ORDER? The stay-at-home order was issued to protect the health, safety and well-being of Hoosiers. Staying home and keeping physically separated is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19

Top Ways to Spend Time in The Haute During the Coronavirus Shutdown

With the Coronavirus outbreak, there's certainly cause for concern. It's important we take a clear-eyed, level-headed assessment of the facts, and take appropriate precautions to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and our neighbors. Continue to monitor factual information (considering the source) and follow guidelines without giving way to - or spreading - unhelpful panic. So with that said, as local businesses and organizations are temporarily closed, here are some things you can do close to home to pass the downtime sensibly and productively. 1. HELP A NEIGHBOR IN NEED Identify vulnerable neighbors and people you know, and reach out to offer assistance. Make a grocery run for the

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