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Downtown Terre Haute Goes to the Dogs

If the end of summer has you feeling a little depressed – Downtown Terre Haute has the remedy with August’s First Friday, themed “Dog Days of Summer”. As downtown goes to the dogs – literally – the Dreamery Creamery is sponsoring this fun, furry event! Getting into the action of First Friday is the Terre Haute Police Department K-9 division. Officers will demonstrate the amazing training human and K-9 officers go through to keep the city streets safe. Demos will take place in front of Wise Pies and pizza specials will also be offered. Local veterinarians will also be on-hand down Wabash Ave featuring pet product samples, nail trimming, care and safety information and more. Non-profit agency,

Taste Terre Haute Like Never Before

Local restaurants are joining forces for a two-week event this month called Taste Terre Haute. Created by the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce and a small group of local restaurants three years ago, Taste Terre Haute was developed to bring awareness and diners to Terre Haute (and Wabash Valley) restaurants during a traditionally slow time in July. The two-week event promotes dining specials and unique menus. A handful of the 30 restaurants participating are offering “Dine For Two” menus, while others are testing new offerings or bringing back old favorites. No matter the “taste” aka deal, diners should expect to be impressed. “This is really a chance to be a tourist in your own town,” says Ke

Community is Unity

Editor's note: This is the third of a three-part series on Community: what it is, what it means and what it can be. Click to view Part 1: Community Starts with Finding Common Ground and Part 2: Successful Community requires Successful Communication. We're in this boat together. I recently went white-water rafting for the first time. Eight individuals in the same raft (all newbies) and a guide, each equipped with a single paddle. Starting out, the experienced guide patiently coached us through what to expect on the venture ahead of us and how to work together to successfully navigate through the raging river. Still, we were eight individuals. We were asked to select two leaders placed in the

Successful Community requires Successful Communication

Editor's note: This is the second of a three-part series on Community: what it is, what it means and what it can be. Click to view Part 1: Community Starts with Finding Common Ground. Have you ever considered humanity’s greatest gift? Beyond our ability to harness fire, electricity or flight, beyond the creation of the wheel or sliced bread or the world-wide web, the power to communicate is our greatest ability. It’s taken for granted, but we have the amazing capacity to take a thought/idea/concept existing solely within one individual’s mind, transmit that thought/idea/concept (through a variety of means) and share it with other individual minds. All through simple conversation, communicati

Community Starts with Finding Common Ground

Editor's note: This is the first of a 3-part series on Community: what it is, what it means and what it can be. Vigo County isn’t just merely a county, just as Terre Haute is more than a municipality. We're a locality of some 108,000 people, all working, learning, playing, creating and recreating in the same general point on the globe. By strict definition, that comprises a community - a group of people living in the same place. But Community — real community — involves more than living together in close proximity. The word itself (community) connotes commonality - shared interests or common characteristics. While a city’s residents may share a common hometown, that fact alone doesn’t necess

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