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Arts for Everyone in Terre Haute

Terre Haute hosts amazing visual art and it’s free to see for all! You may just need an introduction to the visual offerings around. The best way to do that is to take an Art Walk. First stop on the walk… Public Art is outdoor art that helps to increase the culture of the community and make it a desirable destination. The Wabash Valley Art Spaces Outdoor Sculpture collection currently has eighteen sculptures placed around the city—each with its own unique theme and story. Visit their website to see images of the sculptures with great descriptions and insight about the sculptors and their vision. You can even download a map and easily see all the sculptures in a day. Soon, Terre Haute will ha

See What We're Doing? We're just getting started

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest episode of The Haute, I encourage you to do so. Go ahead; do it now. Click here. I’ll wait… This episode is a prime example of our efforts to spotlight our community’s assets by informing & educating viewers about our strengths in an engaging way. The goal is to provide Terre Haute & Vigo County with additional tools for spurring interest & economic growth in our community. The potential users & beneficiaries are many: local community leaders working to attract business & industry to Vigo County, already established local business & industry looking to recruit key positions for their operations, area colleges looking to draw top academic ta

Sometimes Bigger Is Better: Spreading our reach in West Central Indiana

It was Indiana native John Mellencamp that sang about his love of living in a “small town”. While Terre Haute isn’t necessarily a small town compared to others in Indiana, but we often give off that small town vibe. The image of Terre Haute as a small town may never change for some of our big city neighbors around the state, but many local leaders are working to take our small town to a bigger stage. Earlier this month the Terre Haute Chamber of Commerce officially announced its plans for a regional collaboration, titled “West Central 2025”. Inspired by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s long-range economic development plan titled “Indiana Vision 2025”, the statewide initiative measures India

Launch Terre Haute servicing local entrepreneurial & freelancer community

If you haven’t had a chance to check out what Launch Terre Haute (Launch) is doing, I encourage you to do so. Launch is Terre Haute’s only cowork space, but it's so much more than just a place where people “cowork.” It is a community of like-minded individuals who share ideas, encourage, and support fellow members and collaborate. The community is made up of entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers - who tend to be change makers, thought leaders and disruptors. The collective energy and overall vibe at Launch is something that you can’t force; it just organically happens. It happens when you create a space for people to come together and connect on their own terms. They experience

Do Something to Make Positive Change - Complaining Doesn't Count

The time change always seems disorienting. Even mildly annoying. ​ When I moved back to Terre Haute from Illinois in the late 1990s, it was before Indiana voted to adopt daylight saving time. Coming from a state that changed times twice a year, it was refreshing to forgo the hassle of the bi-annual ritual. While the rest of the nation lurched forward or backward on a set day, Indiana remained a calm oasis of resolute constancy. ​ And then came 2005, when Indiana legislators buckled to the pressures of the rest of the fickle world and adopted daylight saving. So here we are, twice every year, fiddling with alarm clocks and wristwatches and microwave ovens and vehicle dashboards and grandfathe

Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update Kicks Off

West Central Indiana Economic Development District (WCIEDD), in its role as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), has started the important process of updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for Terre Haute, all of Vigo County and most of Clay County. The MTP, which covers a 20 year planning horizon and is updated at least every 5 years, outlines the long-range vision for continued development of the transportation network in the West Central Indiana Metropolitan Planning Area. The planning process will take a close look at the projected transportation needs of people who live, work and play in the communities served by the MPO and will result in the identification of p

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