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March 25, 2020

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Great Places to Run, Walk & Bike in Vigo County

November 10, 2018


Inhale grit and exhale achievement. Let’s go on a run! With the leaves falling and the air chilling it’s the perfect time to get out of your home and enjoy an invigorating jog. There are many popular area running locations but here are a few of our favorite routes. Run them individually or pair them together to get a little more distance in, it’s up to you to decide.



On Terre Haute’s north side sits Collett Park, a 21-acre green space surrounded by a historic neighborhood. The park has several extra circular spaces, with a gazebo, tennis courts, playgrounds and the iconic Collett Pavilion.


This route follows the perimeter and then dips inside the park under the tree canopy utilizing its road.  Tack on a little extra distance by including nearby Maple Avenue Nature Park.


Distance: About 1.25 miles. To add more distance, take in nearby Maple Avenue Nature Park



Lace up you shoes and go for a run at Deming Park. This destination should come as no surprise, Deming is an all-around great outdoor space. The park includes shade, ample water fountains, all at a convenient location. Exercising as never been so easy!


Distance: This route is 2.1 miles long, but with nearby Ohio Boulevard to the west and the Deming-Dobbs Trail which connecting Deming to Dobbs Park, you've got lots of options for changing things up!




There are ample wooded trails to run at Dobb’s Park, and with all the beautiful acreage it’s a great space to get lost in (metaphorically speaking). Three miles of trails that are perfect for running, will take you through beautifully restored wetlands, towering pines, and both old and new growth "forest." All this nature can be overwhelming. Don’t worry though, you can come back as many times as you’d like. 


Distance: Approx. 3 miles, this trail at Dobbs Park takes you through both wetlands and woods. Don't think these are their only trails though, there are also many self-led trails here to explore. 



You may have been to this riverfront park for a festival or just to watch the storied Wabash drift slowly by, but it's really worth the visit for a riverside run. An unpaved path was recently added leading out of the south end of Fairbanks and runs along the Wabash. Early mornings are especially breathtaking in the fall & spring months; differences between air & water temperatures bring sometimes heavy morning fog hanging over the river only to fade with the sun's warming rays.


Distance: This trail is 1.24 miles long but it could easily be extended along Ohio Street or across the Wabash River and into the Wabashiki Wetlands.




As the first park formed in Vigo county, Fowler Park is good place to start on this runner’s journey. It’s known for its historical structures and rich history, but did you know that there are also excellent spaces to run here? Pass through the covered bridge and around the lake. Catch your breath under the shaded awnings of one of the many historical buildings that sit on t